Trail Runners “Heat Up” Javelina Jundred

Words by Duncan Callahan

The 2016 Javelina Jundred Trail Race was an incredible experience for the Western Colorado University Mountain Sports Trail Running Team. The team had 3 athletes competing in either the 100km or 100 mile race distance, as well as 4 athletes attending to crew and pace for the competing athletes. The race proved to be a tough one with record temperatures (102 degrees on course!) and nearly 800 total competitors toeing the line.

Javelina Jundred

Western runners were led by sophomore Clark Thompson’s impressive 24th place finish in his 100km ultra debut. Clark battled the heat and a mid-race slump, and posted a fast final 20 miles to move into the top 25, with a 14h 30m finish time. Truly spectacular! Clark will no doubt be back at it in the near future, as he looks to improve upon his ultra goals.

Sophomore Kelsey Swanson attempted her first 100 mile race, but was forced to drop early (mile 62) due to the severe heat. She will look to get back into the training groove and focus on the future again, with many ultra goals on her calendar.

Senior Bryan Schlinkmann, one of the original Trail Running Team athletes, posted a whopping 10 hour personal record to finish in 65th place overall in the 100 mile race, with an incredible finish time of 23h 35m. Bryan prepared well, focused all season, and came to this race ready to go. He was steady and consistent all day, and was able to negative split the event, with a 12h 20m first 50 miles, and an incredible 11h 15m second 50 miles! This race marks the end of Bryan’s collegiate career, and will no doubt be a launching pad for many races in the future.

Next up for the Trail Running Team? The Moab Trail Marathon (and half marathon) this weekend (November 5th) in beautiful Moab, UT. Look for nearly 30 athletes to compete in these iconic races. #GoWestern


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