Nordic Team Peaks at Nationals

Western’s Mountain Sports Nordic Team just returned from a very strong showing at USCSA Nationals. The four days of competition took place at Mt. Bachelor, Oregon.
The team began the 17-hour drive after class on Friday March 3rd and arrived in Bend, OR the following day. This allowed the team two days to shake out their legs from the long drive, explore the four race courses and get ready to take on their rivals, the University of Wyoming. Doing Western proud at 2017 Nordic Nationals were Nate Maddox, Kevin Geisen, Gordon Gianniny, Derek Hill, Justin Sanchez, Bob (Samantha) Maddox and Eleanor Skinner. The team was lead by coaches Duncan Callahan, Justin Barr and wax specialist Isaiah St. Pierre.

Day one kicked off on March 7th with a 7.5km Classic. The ladies placed 8th (Maddox) and 39th (Skinner) and the men captured 2nd (Maddox), 5th (Geisen), 8th (Gianniny), 20th (Hill) and 30th (Sanchez).

Per coach Callahan, on day two “the Western Nordic team skied exceptionally well in the Skate Sprint. Amazing results were posted by Nate Maddox and Kevin Geisen, 2nd and 5th respectively in the men’s race. And by Bob Maddox, 8th in the women’s race. The team is feeling strong, fit and focused and looking to perform even better on Friday in the 15km skate. As far as the event? The event ran smoothly given the conditions and we are thankful for the work of the volunteers!” The remaining team members finished 39th (Skinner), 21st (Gianniny), 24tth (Hill) and 34th (Sanchez). Two days of second place finishes put Nate Maddox in contention for the overall National title.

The 15km freestyle race was hosted on the third day. The Mountaineer ladies placed 10th (Maddox) and 37th (Skinner) and the men captured 6th (Maddox), 7th (Geisen), 11th (Gianniny) 28th (Hill) and 36th (Sanchez). This performance put the Mountaineer men team in second place overall.

USCSA National Championships finished with a classic team relay. With a very exciting finish, the Western men took home a second place. That solidified the men’s team second place title for the week! Each team is required to have three team members and with a team of two ladies, the ladies team was ineligible to race.

Nate Maddox, Gordon Gianniny, Kevin Geison

The Western men brought home second team overall and Nate Maddox placed second in the individual overall. Geisen placed 7th overall and Bob Maddox placed 9th overall. It was a great end to Western’s strong Nordic season. The team would like to wish Bob Maddox all the best in the future and a congratulate her upcoming graduation.


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