Crested Butte Cart to Cart Trail Race

The Mountain Sports Trail Running Team enjoyed Crested Butte’s gorgeous aspens and rolling hills while racing the Cart to Cart 19 and 13 mile runs, which boasts 4,000 and 3,000 feet of climbing. Western’s first male representative of the 19 mile race was Mountain Sports Ski Mountaineering coach Marshal Thompson, finishing third in a time of 2:32:18. Thompson was followed by Joshua Simkins, Riley Moser, Sam Van de Velde, Kevin Geisen and Ande Lloyd all rounding out the top ten. Other strong finishers included, Clark Thompson, Jonas Magg, Julian Cullumber and Bryan Clocker.

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In the woman’s 19 mile race, Western’s Kelsey Swanson came in third, closely followed by Kendall Cox in fourth, posting times of 3:40:02 and 3:42:03 respectively, boasting fantastic finishes at this distance.

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Danny Matthew’s came away with the win in the men’s 13 mile race, barely breaking two hours with a time of 1:59: 58. Danny was followed by a solid performance by Conner Jackson who finished fourth.

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Sarah Kem led Western’s female harriers at the 13 mile distance, placing eighth in a time of 2:22:09. Sara was followed by a wolf pack motivationally led by Bob Maddox, consisting of Caya Bahr, Sara Viner, Anna Goodin, tailed by Bob, placing 25-27th and 30th respectively. Danielle Sweet also had a successful finish coming in 43rd.

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Overall, the day proved to be successful, demonstrating the improving fitness of the team as the season progresses. The trail team will be heading to the Cave Creek Thriller Trail Runs and the Insomniac Night Trail Run Series on October 17th to test our endurance once again in Cave Creek, Arizona. Western up! -Josh Eberly


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