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2019 Schedule

Practice Schedule:

Competition Team: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 6 am – 8:30 am.

Regional Team: Tuesday, Thursday 6 am – 8:30 am.

Meet the Coach

Chris Lindner
Head Coach


Coach Chris Lindner

Hometown- San Diego, CA / 30 years experience

During the off season, I’m usually:

There’s always and “on” season for some epic adventure around here, no excuses! I usually choose some form of rock, snow, or water, but lately I’ve been picking up the mountain bike for the first time in a long time.

Fun fact about you:

I could tie my climbing knot before I could tie my shoelaces. 30+ years later, climbing is still my favorite way of life.

Climbing News:

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Members of the Climbing Team find organized training, coaching, travel, competition and abundant access to climbing within the Mountain Sports program at Western Colorado University.

Western is home to a new collegiate Climbing Team. Housed in Western’s innovative Mountain Sports program, the climbing team will hold regular training for technique, strength and fitness and like all our teams, focus on athlete growth and improvement. The team tests their performance through competition within USA Climbing’s Collegiate circuit as well as through outdoor routes and boulder problems.

The team will practice beginning the first week of the fall semester and continue through the USA Climbing inter collegiate season in the spring. The fall is geared around general training and focuses more heavily on outdoor goals. The winter focuses more on indoor climbing in preparation for the competitive season. The Gunnison Valley in the heart of the Rocky Mountains provides the perfect training ground for the well rounded climber. With dozens of climbing areas locally athletes can hone their skills in bouldering, sport climbing, traditional climbing and ice climbing. Beyond our local climbing, the team also travels to iconic climbing areas including Rifle Mountain State Park, Shelf Road, and Indian Creek.

Western’s Mountain Sports program welcomes a range of abilities and recognizes that hard work and dedication, both in the classroom and out climbing, will allow you to grow and to achieve as a person, as a student and as an athlete. As part of Western Mountain Sports, you will meet lifelong friends and have experiences that you will never forget.


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